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Tuning over email or internet

our newest OBD-Flasher with USB-Connector
further info follows.

!! very simple Handling
following Versions are available :
Enduser, Dealerversion and Tunerversion

PC-COM-software........... 3 Step-Instruction
.......................................--> Click Picture for zoom
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video come soon:

Description / technical info

Powerflash USB is a very flexible one
universal Tuning-Flasher with PC / laptop
It can most read / and write ECUs driect over the Diagnose -
Socket. The original data will be saved on
Harddisk of the computer.
for transfer to tuner also to save for write the ecu with orinal data.
After the successful one finishes reading of the ECU
now can with the "writing" - command an existing one
or again acquired Tuningfile are played.
A direct binding to an internet data base
enable data transfer a smooth real time
the wished Tuningdata for the corresponding one

Integrated protocols (transfer of OBD-Connector)
OBD-II, K-Line, CAN, J1850,

Delivery capacity:
- Powerflash-USB appliance, cables, - software
, OBDII, CAN, J1850 cables, USB cable

Delivery capacity:
- Powerflash-USB Flasher , Cable- Software
- OBDII - CAN - J1850 cable, - USB cable

...use with PC / Laptop
...Software (XP/vista)
* POWERFLASH-USB read and write ECU-data over
...Diagnoseconnector (OBD)
...ex. datamaps..Original or Tuningfiles.
* POWERFLASH-USB can read and write a lot of ECU-Types
...ex. EDC15/16/17x
...MED 1 to MED 9x or MED17x ***
* POWERFLASH-USB can read the Original ECU Data of
...the Cars ECU and save it to Harddisk or USB Stick.
* POWERFLASH-USB can read and erase
...Errorcodes (DTC Codes )
* POWERFLASH-USB can always write the original Datamap
...to the Cars ECU. Faktorysetting
* POWERFLASH-USB can ordered with following Versions: Credit, Slave oder
...!!!! very easy softwareupdate over internet

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For customers / dealer / tuner

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