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Powertronic CR5 MIO

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Powertronic CR5- MIO

Multichannel Tuningkit for Commonrail Fahrzeuge
most innovative Commonrail TuningKits specifically for MOTOR VEHICLE with DPF

* Fully digitally, microprocessor steered,
* Up to 16 different Kennfelder
...for example normally, sport, ECO or supporters
* Increase canal technology (IN/OUT)
* Rail -, drawer pressure, Temp etc...., freely adjustable
* also specifically for MOTOR VEHICLE with DPF
* with temperature overload regulation
* with Engine-Safety (engine overload protection)
...variably adjustable
* With Dynamic Boostfunktion (only with power controller)
.. 10 percent until 20 percent additional increase performance,
* With "ttronic Term “or "Powertronic SP-Soft “
konfigurierbar and programmable.
* for performance - / torque increase or
Reduction adjustable.
* different extension steps
* different cable sentences, original motor vehicle plugs,
* With. optional "power controllers “can switched
...between different Datamaps
Also during the trip and load condition.

The Powertronic CR5 MIO is a complete new development.
The construction is modular, can as simple Railelektronik or but as complex Tuning - or
Throttle system, with protection and supervision functions is configured.

With the development, particular attention to a very fast RISK-CPU was put.
It became possible through it, for example at the beginning of data like Rail -, drawer pressure, or engine temperature etc......, to read, and after particular formulas, to calculate the exit signals in real time.

Up to 16 loadable ones / selectable Kennfelder z.B.für supporter business, or ECO-Mod, or sport, can opt as well. "Power controllers “is chosen. Also during the trip. according to demand.

With the Dynamic-Boostfunktion (only power controllers) can additionally on the increase performance up to 20 percent of additional performance at short notice / torque, geboostet becomes. for example terrain use.

If the "Engine-Safety became “protection function activates, is sunk after after a certain function the increase performance automatically as well as begun again. , Consequently no lasting overload possibly. configures completely with PC-Software - and programmable.

Application purpose:

For all Cars with current Commonrail-Einspritzsystemen (Bosch) Siemens, Delphi etc....
For MOTOR VEHICLE with and without particle filter (DPF).

Optionale accessories:

Cable sentences:
* with Easy-Steck (Plug&Drive)
* original Steckverbinder.
* KB-I simply, KB-II multiple
* KB-III (Leadingt-Cablekit).

Power controllers: *, for Boost (Kennfeldwahl)

* ttronic Term
* Powertronic SP-Soft

* to the communication with software

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