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ttronic 5 CR

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ttronic CR5

Multichannel (IN) Tuningkit for Commonrail Fahrzeuge

1000 fold tried additional TuningKit with fast micro computer
for Commonrail vehicles. Also usable for MOTOR VEHICLE with DPF (diesel particle filters)

* Fully digitally, microprocessor steered,
* technology approved for years
* 8 Datalevel
for example normally, sport, ECO or supporters, progr.bar
over 1000 different Kennfelder available.
* Increase canal technology, up to 6 IN, 1 Out,
* with dynamic vice signal
* Rail -, drawer pressure, Temp etc...., freely adjustable
* with temperature recording
* With "ttronic tuneup “or "tuneup Diag “
konfigurierbar and programmable.
* for performance - / torque increase
* different extension steps
* different cable sentences, original motor vehicle plugs,
or leading Cablekit.

The t-tronic CR5 is a very strong one, microprocessor controlled additional tuner-amplifier to the accomplishment and torque increase of Commonrail vehicles.

This approved additional tuner-amplifier met the requests over years from accomplishment and torque optimizations of diesel vehicles on the whole world.

With the development, particular attention to a very fast RISC-CPU was put.
It became possible through it, for example at the beginning of data like Rail -, MAP pressure, or engine temperature etc......, to read, and after particular formulas, to calculate the exit signals in real time.

With the optional software, different Datamaps into the ttronic CR5 can be programmed. for example spez. for supporter business, or ECO-Mod, or sport.

Over 1000 Datamaps are available, for the most different motor vehicle types.

Configures completely with PC-Software - and programmable.

Application purpose:

For all Cars with current Commonrail-Einspritzsystemen (Bosch) Siemens, Delphi etc....
For MOTOR VEHICLE with and without particle filter (DPF).

Optionale accessories:

Cable sentences:
* with Easy-Steck (Plug&Drive)
* original Steckverbinder.
* KB-I simply, KB-II multiple
* KB-III (Leadingt-Cablekit).

Software :
* ttronic tuneup
* ttronic tuneupDiag

* zur Kommunikation mit Software

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